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Thanks for checking us out - here you'll be able to view some of our favorite projects from over the years.

Check back later for more content.


Website Design

Using Wix, I created one of my clients a stunning website for her therapy practice.


Animated Graphic Design

Prior to designing my own brand, I had created this to show in my portfolio video. Fun fact: the whole thing was created in Canva!



Here I've included some highlights across different photoshoots. I can provide more images from my archives by request.

Please keep in mind that the free version of Wix compresses large images. Click on the image to see it in an improved quality.


Keyframing & Digital Artistry

In order to learn keyframing, I created the artwork in Illustrator, and pulled it into Premiere Pro to animate. It is based off a popular television show, Spongebob.

Skip to 00:33 to see the reveal!

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